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      总机: 0511-83174800

      散热器销售:0511-83171001   88999933

      传真: 0511-83171002



      公司简介 当前位置:东亚电子 >> 公司简介



           Zhenjiang Dongya Electronic Radiator Co.Ltd. Located in Zhenjiang New Area one of the beautiful and rich Yangtze River Delta, Which is in the east of Najing.west of Suzhou,Wuxi,Changzhou,and in the strong radiation zone of Shanghai Pudong Development Zone.It has become three-dimensional traffic network of railway,road and waterway,60 kilometers east to Changzhou Airport,90 kilometers west to Nanjing Lukou Airport and north to Dagang port,The company is one of the first manufacturer of a full range of electronic radiator with advanced aluminum extrusion machines,automatic cutting machine,CNC automatic cutting groove machine,CNC processing center,CNC milling machine and punch,pressure and drilling equipments and two anodizing production lines.Surface treatment is machinable through a series of processes of sandblasting,wire drawing,grinding,oxidation painting,silk-screen,etc.. it occupies 25 acres 10000m2 of standard production plant and 800m2 of office space.It has more than 150 employees,among which including more than 30 main technical personnels,Annual production capacity of all types of radiator is more than 10 million.The main products are divided into five series:one、common profile radiator;two、chassis integration radiator; three、inserted chip radiator;four、Water-cooled radiator;five、resistor radiator;Six、CPU radiator;In addition,it produces a variety of aluminum alloy profiles for chassis and cabinets,power electronic aluminum row,Bridgealuminum alloy,busbar and other types of industrial aluminum alloy profile.
          Reliable quality and perfect service are our purpose. The credibility supremacy and the user first are the principle for us to your contact with you. Thanks for your attention and cooperation.

      版权所有:镇江市东亚电子散热器有限公司 技术支持:讯通科技
      总机:0511- 0511-83174800 传真: 0511-83171002 地址:镇江市新区大港东方路28号